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We offer the multiple wave oscillator for different parts of the world with dispatches from Cartagena Colombia, we have the best prices for this powerful equipment that allows treating various diseases through therapies.


We offer a one-year warranty for the sale of the oscillator, training and assisted support in case of malfunctions. We offer a line of communication with our clients.


The oscillator is manufactured to order, paying 50% of its cost and the rest is paid when it is fully manufactured and ready for shipment. Foreign payments are received through Western



COLLIDAL SILVER GENERATOR. Our oscillator comes equipped with colloidal copper and silver generator, high frequency electrode

HIGH FREQUENCY ELECTRODES. It helps to calm the nervous system and has anesthesia function, produces ozone for sterilization, helps to heal wounds and contain pores, improves secretion, PH heat, makes the skin tilt to neutrality, accelerates the circulation of blood, relieve pain, enhance rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle effect.


The multi-wave oscillator of Georges Lakhovsky helps to regain the balance of the human body by normalizing the frequencies of the cells of the tissues of the organs, acting in a way and directly on the vibrations and disturbances that are in disorder.

Increases cellular oxygenation.

Alkalizes the blood circulation.

Causes a rejuvenating effect

Increase vitality

Makes a cleaning of the interstitial fluid

Decreases tumor markers

Reduces inflammation and pain

It potentiates the protein.

The oscillator of Georges Lakhovsky is based on bioresonance allowing the cell frequencies to be amortized and stimulating the self-healing of the human body.

It helps calm the nervous system and has an anesthetic function, produces ozone for sterilization, helps heal wounds and contains pores. Improve the secretion of PH heat, make the skin tilt to neutrality, accelerate blood circulation, relieve pain, rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle effect.

Multiple wave oscillator antennas


It is a device with the ability to convert direct current into alternating current by applying a certain frequency. The square wave oscillator is often called a multivibrator and this is why it is called an oscillator. In the 40’s, it is clear how to make a multiple wave oscillator that was used in several hospitals in France, where several testimonies and certifications were obtained by doctors.

Sale Georges lakhovsky multi-wave oscillator

We offer the distribution to all Latin America of the Multiple Wave Oscillator, Georges Lakhovsky with a one year warranty. We do the training and support for its operation. We are manufacturers and we do not use intermediaries to deliver this powerful equipment to different countries. Making dispatches from the city of Cartagena Colombia. You can contact our company through the number on our website or in the description of this video.

History of the Lakhovsky multi-wave oscillator

Georges Lakhovsky’s multiple wave oscillator is a medical device used to treat various diseases with alternative therapies. An equipment used in the 1930s where it had great results in France.

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Georges Lakhovsky, argued that healthy cells have a potential, that multivolts can be measured and when they suffer from a disease there is a decrease in voltage. Georges Lakhovsky, was a scientist convinced that the cellular system could be stimulated so that its electrical oscillation would work again and thus reverse the pathological state.